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Parents are often worried about the safety of their children whenever they are going to or coming back from school. Usually grandparents of school going students pick and drop their ward at the bus stop everyday and most of the times they have to wait for the bus at the bus stop under the unforgiving sun or extreme cold, without any clue of when the bus is actually going to arrive. If the children are grown up, they wait at the bus stop alone, with their heavy bags on their back. In anxiety, they tend to call the bus attendant multiple times, who at times is busy with other parents' call and himself/herself can't predict the traffic that lies ahead of the bus and thus gives inaccurate timelines to parent. Apart from high inconvenience and waste of time, sitting idle at the bus stop can invite more unexpected problems for the children. The social miscreants who watch the kid everyday can create unwanted situations and sometimes lead to disasterours circumstances. Due to inaccuracy of information, bus drivers sometimes have to leave small kids at the bus stop, with nodoby to attend, and thus leading to accidents.

Several B2B vendors exist who host, provide and instal GPS solutions, and while parents receive an SMS on the status of their child’s commute, there no updates on real-time traffic situations. Further, the grandparents who usually do not look at the phone frequently may miss the SMS of bus arrival as we get so many messages everyday.

Grads from IIM and DCE realized this pain area of parents and to address extremely important safety concerns of school going children, built a unique comprehensive solution for bus tracking in real time traffic conditions, which can be easily be utlized by a father, mother, grandparents, student and even domestic helps who drop kids at the bus stop. Schoolforsure brings a powerful cloud telephony system synced with Bus location, child stop and harnesses the satellite data for real time traffic, powered by Google Maps architecture. Schoolforsure also ensures 100% accuracy with no time lag in the information and robust data security protocols as the servers are hosted on Google Cloud.

Now, the parents using the service go to the child's bus stop only when they receive a cloud based PHONE CALL five minutes before the bus arrival, thereby, avoiding all kinds of mishaps between their home and school.

Cloud Telephony services to Parents

Daily Phone Calls to parents' phone number five minutes before the school bus arrives at the student's Bus Stop, twice a day, both at the time of morning pick-up and afternoon drop timings. This service doesn't need internet in mobile phone, is completely free of cost for the App user. This bus arrival alert call can be made to any landline or mobile number and the tracking application can be used on any other number also if required. This helps a lot when the App user, say, the father is in office during afternoon drop time of the bus. The call can be received on the landline at home and due to the loud ringer, their is very low chance of actually missing the alert call and is thus a very powerful alternative to SMS.

The calling feature is so effective that it practically enables anyone, with just the access to a phone, to avail the benefits of bus tracking system. It helps to manage bus travel very smoothly as guardians using this service will refrain from the general practise of calling the bus staff for the expected time of arrival. The most beautiful part of the solution is that instead of parent calling the bus/school, it is actually the school, who cares about its patrons, automatically trigerring the 5-min-alert phone call to the parents to reach the bus stop. This allows the bus driver and the attendant to focus on driving and the children in the bus, thereby hugely enhancing the safety and security of children and the vehicle.

Route tracking Safety Application for Parents

Schoolforsure Safety App uses Google MAPS Enterprise Solution Architecture to provide Real Time Bus Tracking on the city map. This includes Address of the bus, geo-coordinates, speed, odometer reading , direc tion of movement, ignition On_Off, Idle Yes_No and much more!

The Parent can also clearly see his child's route and the location of his child's Stop but not any other children's stops or routes and vice versa. This ensures privacy of children and enhances students' safety. The app also shows live traffic conditions on route between bus and parent's stop, powered by satellite data from Google and is refreshed every second. The traffic is properly marked by different colours of the road.

- Red: Heavy traffic
- Orange: Light moving traffic
- Green: No traffic

Based on traffic conditions, the Estimated time of arrival(ETA) of bus to the stop is calculated and intimated to the parent in the App. It could be highly possible that a bus quite close to the parent stop is expected to arrive in higher than regular time therefore in situations like these, the traffic information brings a lot of relief for parents and controls the anxiety that they otherwise face every single day.

Parents can call the school bus staff directly through the App (Attendant/Conductor/Transport manager). There is no need to call the school to find the number of bus staff in case of change of duty anyday.

Three notification messages are sent in the afternoon drop route, first for the bus departure from school, second when the bus is just five minutes away and third when the bus arrives at the bus stop. In the morning pick up, notification messages are sent when the bus is just five minutes away from child's stop, second when the bus arrives at the bus stop and third message when the bus reaches the school.

The parent using the application can also share the bus location to family members in case of emergency.

The school can get the features in the mobile app customized too, to allow parent to do much more with theapplication such as sharing holiday or event calendar, photos of school events, exam circulars, daily news in short and even school fee payments.

Single Dashboard for All Vehicle Management

1)-Track all the buses location, speed, ignition etc in a single window.
2)-Generate various bus and route related reports in a printable format.
3)-Manage bus-driver-route-student allocation easily at the click of a button.
4)-Real traffic conditions, which can help to reroute the bus, if required.

Digital Attendance App for Bus Attendant

1)-Bus Attendant can mark route wise attendance for student for pick and drop route.
2)-Attendance notification messages sent to parent as and when attendance is marked in the bus.
3)-Track attendance history for each route and student in school dashboard.
4)-Change bus allocated to any route instantly In case of last minute vehicle unavailability.